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“I love dealing with I can get quick and accurate freight quotes in just minutes using the online quoting system! My customers have never been happier with the price that they are paying for freight. How nice to deal with good, hard working people that have your best interests in mind! Ken and the staff at are always kind and courteous and treat me like I am their biggest customer. Thanks for the great job and wonderful service that you always provide for my company.”

Ben C. Frank
BSP Filing Solutions

“Wow! This is hard to put into words - my experience and how easy has made shipping for us. I will try to be very simple, kind of like the way it is when dealing with I have no background in shipping, and as our business has grown, I have had to quickly attempt to educate myself in the world of FREIGHT. After meetings with 4 reps from major carriers I was still lost. Each one sent back pricing that I would have had to send to my lawyers to interpret! I was then recommended to giving a call and thought to myself, ‘not another rep to deal with much less a third party’. Boy, was I WRONG! After giving a call (over the phone, no appointment time needed) and giving them an idea of what we ship, they hit the ground running on getting us setup with pricing. Just a couple of days later we had deals with three major carriers at roughly a 10-15% larger discount than the same carriers set up for me direct.

Shipping couldn’t be easier! The website,, is easy to navigate and quotes are sent within 5 minutes. After receiving the quote all you have to do is give them a thumbs up or down and the rest is done for you. I cannot stress enough how easy Ken and the staff at has made shipping for me. Most of the time you have to pay for convenience, but for once in my life I am saving money and getting convenience at the same time!

Thanks for superb service!”

Keith Nesmith, VP of Operations
205-648-0024 Fax
JBS Fishing

“Using has made my job a lot easier. Just one phone call takes care of everything.

Thanks Shippersfriend”

Sherry Conner
Customer Service/Traffic Manager
Inter-Pac Inc.

"At first, I was a bit skeptical about letting a 3rd Party Logistics company step in and handle our shipping and receiving. However, after the very first shipment, I realized it was a win-win situation. not only reduced our transportation costs, they have also allowed me more time to focus on my other areas of responsibility, thereby increasing productivity tremendously. is truly the ‘friend’ that everyone needs in the shipping business.

With that being said, my hat’s off to the folks at They really know how to get things done!”

Tommy Peoples
Mossy Oak

"Ken and the folks at have become not only an asset to Sunshine Mills, Inc, but a true partner. As a small volume LTL shipper, being able to gain the price advantages and volume leverage with carriers that provides has allowed us to stay competitive in regard to service and cost.’s response time to problems and questions is second to none and I can safely say you won’t get it anywhere else in the LTL industry. It’s great to have someone looking out for the little guys.”

Royal Witcher, Executive Vice President
Sunshine Mills, Inc.

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